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Control4 is a provider of automation and networking systems for homes and businesses, offering a personalized and unified smart home system to automate and control connected devices including lighting, audio, video, climate control, intercom, and security. The Control4 platform interoperates with more than 13,500 third-party products and is available in over 100 countries.

Henry shares his experience with regret on, "We installed Control4 system in our new home five years ago. Ever since we became hostages of the dealer. Control4 system is dealer originated system - every little change, updates - you need to call your dealer for services. Since technology changes so fast and our needs change, it is very frustrating to rely on the dealer to keep up the Control4 system to an optimal condition at all times. I wish I could undo all the wiring and installation of the Control4 system in my house to gain my control back."


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Technical Support (Current Employee) says

"Level 1 tech here your day to day is answering phone call after phone call consisting of basic questions but are not found due to the lack of poor design and search results. Over the years turn over has gotten worse and supervisors are getting worse and worse. I would say 85-90% of the supervisors sit at their desk do QA and don't offer much more support or leadership. Workplace culture is non existent if you are in tech support as the queue is the most important. You can not go to any trainings or work events unless they shut the phones down which if that happens its not well planned out. Supervisors/managers should be setting the bar and should be a leader but this doesnt happen. Overall, its a job the pay is fair but if you have something elsewhere I wouldnt recommend working here."

Sales (Current Employee) says

"Not a great place to work. Management is not inclusive, upper management dictates and expects their orders to be followed without comment or constructive criticism. As the title states, this company never prepares for the future. Always waits until the last minute and then panics when sales goals are looming and there's no plan of action other than "work harder' Pretty much a company full of managers, not leaders. Don't believe that statement? Just look at the product line, there hasn't been an innovative product launched in years. Just refinements of existing technology. Meanwhile DIY products like Ring, Nest and others are gobbling up marketshare that used to be owned by Control4. Hopefully the new product manager from Amazon will turn this ship around"

QA Engineer I (Current Employee) says

"some parts of management needs fixing I learned a lot on my own during work hours hardest part of the job was tolerating some managers most enjoyable part is going homefree bagles every other fridayHealth care, salary, Pto"


"Knowledge of embedded systems is critical to understand the peripheral devices and their function and connection to the main home control system. Understanding Linux is will feel burried in policy and procedure."

Sr. Software Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Control4 started out as a great place to work with great people. Very innovative and fast paced. However, it is turning into a large corporate culture that is becoming Amazon-a-tized."

Marketing (Current Employee) says

"Management by crisis, definitely falls prey to the "shiny key" syndrome. Began doing more about the overall strategic direction just recently. Some departments seem more functional, others more dysfunctional."

Developer/Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Started off great and the job and company seem very promising. Some aspects of the company have gotten better other much worse. Seems as if there if no direction of where the company is heading. I love the industry and was looking forward to being able to contribute and saw an industry full of innovation. We rarely innovate and our new products are no where near similar products in their respective fields as far as quality and design. Many think management are just buying time for a buyout, which has caused many to not buy in to the bigger picture. Some great people at the company and love the social culture, I really don't see the company surviving long term. I could be wrong.Very laid back, Growing Market, Cool ProductsManagement, Poor processes, Lack of Direction."

Rivers Street says

"Had this system for 5 years. Did great job. Bought to new TV's worth over $6k and Control 4 cannot even connect apps to the surround sound. First Coast Entertainment could not even program brand new TV's. Try to call Control 4 corperate and you cant get anyone on the phone all automated and hangs up on you. Terrible support. Wish I did not buy the system at this point!"

Cari Sciarappa Kline says

"There are too many problems with this system I don’t even know where to start! Don’t do it! We may even rip it out."

Xavier Rolet says

"The link with my Iphone stopped working after a few days, so I can’t use the service"

Thomas Remillard says

"Control 4 is without a doubt the worst. Given what i know now about it I would have never selected it."

Darren Grogan says

"The software is super glitchy with my sound on Spotify. The zones are difficult to control and I'm really not very satisfied. Would love to have someone improve the fluidity and interaction with the app and zones."

Eric Crabtree says

"We had the complete Control 4 system installed when we built our house three years ago ( at a high level of investment). Now, three years later, the pieces of equipment that make it work are dying one by one. There is something wrong with the system EVERY day. We feel guilty calling the technician constantly to come fix things. Would I install the system again? Definitely not."

Glenn Skolney says

"Do not buy this system as it does not work with a samsung phone. it is useless if you use an android phone. False advertising. you cannot stream form an android phone"

Paul says

"Control4 software requires constant updates every time you log into it and has delays. It also does not control or link to Somfy shades and window motor products. Very disappointing."

Jonathan Fox says

"Pros: links multiple locations to shared A/V resources to view/play either the same media content simultaneously or separate content independently.
Cons: For the latter, a central controller is completely superfluous if you are interested in viewing/listening to independent content in different locations.
For the former, I have several issues:
“Simultaneous” seems to be a relative term - the audio in one room in not always synchronized with the other. This renders this function not only ineffective but very distracting and annoying. Ever dealt with an echo on a conference call?
Despite taking advice of the installer to upgrade controllers and related hardware/firmware/software, the system often fails to initialize properly in the main media room of the house, requiring in some instances multiple reboots to get it to turn on. This was blamed on a 10yr old, high end TV monitor in one instance but I find this hard to swallow.
I inherited the system from a previous owner of the property. The company was unable to simply transfer the account to me which in 2020 seemed positively archeological in the present day, especially for a “technology” company. Hence the upgrades and so forth for north of $7,000. For a couple of thousand dollars I could have bought a bunch of Sonos boxes and Apple TV’s and been done with it, but was persuaded to carry this system forward.
Cabling and integrating all the controllers seems unnecessarily complex. I have yet to be convinced of the superiority of any or all of it.
If I had not already invested so much in it, I might be inclined to rip it all out and start over."

Sco says

"I've tried reaching out multiple times to get Control 4 functionality with Google Home. Customer services got back to me once or twice, but then stopped responding. Functionality is still not working and it's frustrating."

Phil Wetten says

"Cameras and gate control not good at all and just keeps buffering"

Donald Beeman says

"Always some kind of issue whether it is TV, lighting, cameras or music. Also poor selection of qualified technicians."

Rich Wenning says

"I'm very dissatisfied with the level of manuals and instructions available on-line for the systems that I purchased."

HK says

"Unfortunately I have had far too many problems with C4 remote control. The remote control are not of great quality. The displays on most started to fade and when they were replaced only a few a weeks ago, I noticed that the replacement remote didn’t even have the alphabet on the keys as the old one did. If only I can provide pictures on Trust pilot, C4 would be able to see what I’m referring to. I have sent pictures to Control 4 by email. I’m really amazed as to why the quality control at C4 didn’t check these before being dispatched as I know have to ask the dealership to re-program them. I really should not have to cover the cost to reprogram as this issue is caused by C4 they should program them remotely and send these to my for the ones that they have replaced with this defective non alphabet key pads."

Neil Norman says

"have problems turning off the system. Sometimes, you turn it off on the master button, but one or two stations stay on until you turn them off."

Jeff Gallagher says

"All functions and feature are not available through remote. I have now access to identify how to improve it or if it can be programmed."

Doug McAusland says

"When/then confusingly frustrating- a simple clock, and calendar, with stop/start or on off would make sense.
I guess programmers can’t justify their salaries if they don’t “create” new programs...
I still haven’t loaded Control4 onto my 14 year old daughter’s iPod yet, because I haven’t figured out all the nuances to the system and she’s quite computer savvy.
Steeper learning curve than I expected."

LilyYing ZHU says

"the response is slow"

Jerry Manning says

"Works just fine, but we rarely use any of the tech. It’s just as easy to walk over to the thermostat and do it manually. The only time I use it is when I’m in bed and get hot but don’t want to get up to adjust the temp. I can’t tell you the last time I used the porch cam. Wish we had installed a “ring” doorbell camera instead."

Jack Buckley says

"The Control4 features are impressive when everything works perfectly. For TV operation, the Control4 remote control has difficulty interfacing with Apple TV's and ROKU devices for streaming services. The issues can be overcome with driver and software updates, rebooting, and re-programming the control, none of which can be done by most of us. Calling in the local reps to re-program the devices is annoying when you are just trying to get rid of sub-titles.
The APP and ability to program lighting scenes is great, but can you do this for TV's and other video equipment?"